Safe H series 26 K

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  • H.26.K
Resistance grade 0 according to EN 1134-1 - Info:  Resistance grades and Security levels... more
Product information "Safe H series 26 K"

Resistance grade 0 according to EN 1134-1

- Info: Resistance grades and Security levels


Insurance category:
Private: up to approx. €40,000 *
Commercial: up to approx. €10,000 *
* The specified insurance sums are non-binding guide values, based on the VdS publications VdS 0961, VdS 2333 and VdS 3134. It is advisable to coordinate matters with the property insurer

Double-walled body

Thickness of the housing’s protective layer, including reinforced concrete – 25 mm

Door thickness – 14 mm

The door is equipped with a four-point lock. The mechanism controls four chrome-plated locking bolts (Ø 25 mm). Rigid rear grip bolts are attached on the hinge side.

Two-coloured powder coating in shades of grey (RAL 7040, RAL 7035)

Removable shelf

Positioner for two handguns can be ordered separately

The safe can be fixed to the ground with anchor screws as an option.

“K” design: Certified double-bit high-security lock from STUV (Germany). Class A.

H.26 gun safe / protective cabinet for valuables
Outer dimensions: 260 mm / 350 mm / 274 mm (HxWxD)
Inner dimensions: 213 mm / 301 mm / 192 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 31 kg
Volume: 12 litres

usage: gun safe, protective cabinet for valuables, safe
safe lock: Two-way lock
resistance level EN 1143-1: N (0)