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Install key safe outdoors

Do you need to install an outdoor key safe? The masunt key safe with code is ideal for outdoor use as the key safe is made from high quality V2A stainless steel. V2A is highly corrosion resistant and has excellent mechanical properties. The key safe is also available in V4A stainless steel.

Difference between V2A and V4A key safes

Both variants of the masunt key safe are ideal for outdoor installation as they are made from rustproof stainless steel. In contrast to the V2A design, the V4A version of our key safe is alloyed with 2% molybdenum (Mo), which protects the key safe from salt water more effectively. V4A is therefore the better choice if you live near the sea where the air is salty.

Potential uses for the key safe

The masunt key safe can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The safe has many uses, including key storage and handover for holiday homes and apartments as well as key provision for employees and service providers. However, the masunt key safe can also be installed in the garden so that you will always have an emergency spare key if you lock yourself out (this also saves you the expensive services of a locksmith). For more information on the outdoor key safe, click here.

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