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New masunt video explains the innovative electronic codes for key handover safes

masunt has produced a new explanatory video that clearly explains the electronic code allocation for key handover safes.

Many customers are asking how masunt is able to assign codes remotely, without even a WLAN or radio link to the key safe itself?

The masunt video explains how technology enables codes to be remotely allocated to holidaymakers, employees and service providers from anywhere. The safes thus provide access to a particular holiday apartment, company location or other site. The innovative codes are used with all E Code models.

Outside of normal business hours, and in cases where guests arrive late, staff will usually need to be present to hand over keys that provide access to a property. With masunt keys safes that offer remote electronic code allocation, key handovers are fast, secure and convenient. This is good news for landlords and business owners as well as guests and employees.

You can also view the video here.

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