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Resistance grades & Security levels

Resistance grades according to EN 1143-1

The  requirements and test procedures according to which the burglary protection of protective cabinets for valuables are to be tested are defined in the EN 1143-1 standard.

Extensive prise-open tests with different mechanical and thermal burglary tools – which are carried out by independent institutions – form the basis of the certification. Only those safes that withstand these tests receive a corresponding inspection plate as a quality seal from certification authorities such as the VdS and the ESSA (European Security Systems Association) with its testing institute, the ECB-S.

A distinction is made between different resistance grades depending on how long a safe withstands the prise-open tests. These range from N(0) to 10.

Security levels according to EN 14450

EN 14450 defines the test procedures for safety cabinets. A distinction is made between the security levels S1 and S2. This standard’s security requirements are below the requirements set down in EN 1143-1, but above the requirements according to VDMA 24992. 


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