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Key safe - an alternative to installation on the wall?

If there isn’t any suitable external wall, or if the system cannot be mounted on it, an alternative solution is needed to securely use the required key handover systems.

Especially in multi-party properties, individually installing a key deposit box or key safe on the building wall isn’t an option for various reasons:

  • The substantial nature of the outer wall doesn’t permit fastening
  • The building with its façade is a listed building, and alterations to it are prohibited
  • The building manager prohibits the installation of key boxes on the outer wall
  • • The homeowners’ association decides against wall installation

But what can be done if a key safe or key deposit box cannot be installed on the wall of the house?

Standalone key deposit box wall as a potential solution for outdoors

A standalone masunt key deposit box wall (alternatively known as a ‘key safe wall’) can provide a solution to this problem. Depending on the intended use, it can be individually adapted and equipped with a freely definable number of key deposit boxes. The wall and the key deposit boxes are available in two stainless steel qualities: AISI 304 and the even more corrosion-resistant AISI 316.

The key deposit box wall can alternatively be equipped with other masunt products, such as the key safes or repositories.

Since the key deposit box wall can be placed standing on its own in any outdoor location where foundations can be anchored, this option offers a greater degree of flexibility than if installation is exclusively limited to the property. Since the wall structure is anchored to the ground, it is safe from theft. The high-quality stainless steel finish ensures resistance to the elements and a luxury appearance.

Key management, property management and other use cases

The key deposit box wall has proved particularly successful in personal and contactless key management for several parties. Use of a standalone key deposit box wall makes sense wherever a large number of keys need to be organised in separate compartments – whether this is for a holiday complex, a property management company or a homeowners’ association.

Zur Schlüsseldepotsäule (AISI 304)

Zur Schlüsseldepotsäule (AISI 316)

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