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Stainless steel key safe with online code generation‎ by masunt

With its brand masunt, Resatur GmbH offers you a range of stainless steel key repositories, key safes and key deposit boxes to meet all your key storage and key handover needs. The masunt key safe with code is used for secure key handover. Buy the electronic stainless steel key safe at a great price here. Electronic key safe for outdoor and indoor use with online code generation.

Key safe with online code allocation

schluesselsafe-1120-1140_ohne_1aThe masunt key safe is used for simple and secure key handover to staff or guests. The key handover safe is excellently suited to businesses wishing to hand over keys outside of regular business hours. The masunt key safe is a practical key handover solution for hotels, holiday homes and guesthouses. If, for example, you own a holiday home and are unable to greet your guests at the property upon their arrival and don’t want to hire someone to do so either, the key safe is your ideal key handover solution. The key safe is mounted outside the property. It can be opened with a numerical code. What makes this product particularly special is the fact that the code for the key safe can be generated remotely over the internet. So you can simply send the code for the key safe to your guests by email or text message. The key safe can be used for a very wide variety of applications. You could also store a key for tradesmen or cleaning staff as well as for your guests, for example. The masunt key safe is set apart by the fact that it doesn’t require an internet connection or electricity supply. For larger properties, or if you need to hand over several keys in one day, there is also the four-box key safe. Both versions are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as they are made of high-quality stainless steel. The AISI 316 stainless steel version of the key safe is available for use in coastal regions.

3000 and 4000 series compartment safes  electronic key safes with multiple compartments  

masunt-Fachertresor-3122-OnlineThe flagship products in our product range are our masunt compartment safes. The various designs and resulting (sometimes very) complex functionalities make them suitable for a wide range of different applications and requirements. From secure key storage, key handover outside of business hours and without any need for staff, to complex key management or key organisation with logging function.

Like all our other key safes, the compartment safes can also be used for outdoor applications. All the compartments are protected against dust and moisture by insulation. Similar to our other products, they have a robust, weatherproof stainless steel housing; which is available in V2A stainless steel (AISI 304) or V4A stainless steel (AISI 316) as an option. So, with the V4A version, you receive optimum protection even in areas with increased salt content in the air (near the coast) if you’d like to install the key safe outside.

The compartments are designed so that you can also deposit keys with a chunkier keyring. Additionally, the compartment safes are equipped with an illuminated keypad and have a service opening function for each compartment.

3000 series compartment safes

masunt-Fachertresor-3121masunt-3121-compartment safeThe 3000 series is characterised by a slim design fused with modern technology. The compartment safes are available in two variants: the manual version and the online version.

With the manual variant, programming is performed directly using the keypad on the unit. You can assign up to eight individual, permanently valid codes per compartment.

The online variant is characterised by a much more convenient range of functions, but also requires a LAN connection. The internet connection enables handover control that can be tracked over the internet. This logs all the actions performed (e.g. key removal and return, code generation and alarm). The electronic key safes of the 3000 Online series are controlled using the company’s own web portal. Extensive user administration with different access privileges can also be performed there.

In contrast to the manual version, the online variant offers a variety of access options. The compartments can be opened either by inputting the code on the keypad, using RFID media or with the remote opening function.

4000 series of compartment safes

masunt-Fachertresor-4062-OnlineThe 4000 series is only available in the online version and offers the same range of functions as the online versions of the 3000 series. However, the housing looks more robust and the compartments are significantly larger. This makes it suitable for use wherever sensitive key handover takes place.


The robust masunt key safe


The masunt key safe 2120/40 provides security for even the most discerning customers. The sturdy, durable masunt key safe helps you to securely store your keys and to hand them over to other people. The stainless steel walls, which are 3 mm thick, and the three-point lock make the key safe very robust. The extremely wide range of potential uses revolves around handing keys over to staff and service providers, to name but one example. What if you wanted employees to be able to access a company vehicle outside of office hours, for example? The masunt key safe is the perfect solution. Of course, the key safe is also ideal for private key storage and handover. A code for the key safe can be allocated either manually or online over the internet. The masunt key safe is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The key safe is highly weatherproof thanks to high-quality AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel. In coastal regions, you should opt for the AISI 316 stainless steel version because of the higher salt content in the air. This will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of your masunt key safe for many years to come. You can use the key safe to store and hand over keys with complete peace of mind. The key safe can be used for a very wide variety of applications. For example, you can also use it to store smaller valuables or documents.

The masunt key safe for smart key management

schluesselsafe-1420-1440_ohne_1Effective and secure key management is often essential, particularly in the commercial sector – where a larger number of keys has to be made accessible to different people or groups of people. This is why businesses and companies often use storage systems in the form of key safes to store keys and hand them over to their employees. The use of key safes is also very popular among property managers and in the hotel industry, because keys can be handed over at any time, even outside of opening hours. But there are a multitude of other areas of application where it would be simply impossible to protect keys from unauthorised access without a secure key storage solution. Above all else, the key safe is also an alternative that does not require time-consuming and costly staff involvement. In the private sector, too, there are countless potential uses that require smart key storage and management.  

A key safe is therefore particularly suitable for handing over keys to carers, tradesmen, the fire brigade and neighbours, or even simply as a secure place to store a second key.

Our key safes are also excellently suited to use outdoors. Due to their stainless steel walls measuring 3 mm thick, they are robust, durable and protected against adverse weather conditions. The stainless steel produces a solid, yet elegant-looking, finish. Our key safes are available in two versions: the 2120 E Code key safe and the 2140 E Code key safe. Due to the use of V4A stainless steel, the latter is particularly suited to use in areas where there is a high salt content in the air or where increased protection against corrosion is required, in the likes of swimming pools or in the chemicals industry. The safes’ electronics are also protected, so they are designed for use in regions with extreme weather conditions where temperatures range from -40°C to +60°C.

In addition to the four-digit codes allocated directly on the unit, each key safe also offers the option of creating seven-digit online codes that are valid for a limited period of time. The codes can thus be conveniently allocated to third parties.

What benefits does the masunt key safe offer?

masunt_Schlusseltresor_2125_E_Code_001The masunt key safe at a glance: Are you the owner or manager of a hotel? Or do you own one or more holiday homes? Or do you run a car hire company? Then you’ll definitely be familiar with the issue of developing a customised, secure and ideal key management solution. In most cases, key handover goes hand-in-hand with costly staff involvement, particularly outside of opening hours. This can be avoided simply by using key safes for secure and simple storage and key handover. By allocating a four or seven-digit code, which can also be generated online, both guests and your own staff can be granted access to the keys they need using the key safe. This method is ideal for property rentals, because the key safe codes can be generated in such a way that they are valid for only a limited period of time. Once the keys have been returned, a key safe is then used for key storage and bringing order into your key organisation operations. Specialised compartment systems are particularly suitable for apartment complexes and hotels. The masunt online compartment safes can be expanded in a modular fashion to include any number of compartments. The number of compartments can also be extended at a later date. The 1100 E Code series, meanwhile, offers storage for up to three keys at the same time.

Our compartment safes and key safes are naturally suitable for use outdoors too. The key handover systems are available in two versions: one with AISI 304 and one with AISI 316 stainless steel. A key safe with AISI 316 stainless steel is the perfect key handover and storage solution especially in areas where there is a high salt content in the air or where increased corrosion protection is required. Because the key safes’ electronics are protected, the solutions can even be used in regions with extreme weather conditions. Our key safes have therefore proven their worth worldwide, and offer security and convenience all over when it comes to key handover and storage.

The masunt key safe is the ideal solution for handing over keys

Whether it’s a compartment safe, a key safe, a key repository, a key deposit box, a surface-mounted safe or a special safe for customised potential uses. masunt – the specialist for key storage and key handover – offers custom-fit security solutions for your key management activities that are designed for almost all purposes thanks to its large range. Since almost every compartment safe, key safe or key repository is also available in AISI 316 steel, they can also be used without compromise outdoors – and especially in places that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s due to the traditional code allocation directly at the key safe or the innovative option – by means of online code allocation – the rich range is also geared towards customers’ most diverse usage habits. For both private use and in the commercial sector, you’ll find your perfect product solution in our wide range of compartment safes and key safes, and you can choose it to reflect the number of keys to be stored and the intended use.


Smart key organisation and key loss prevention

In addition to the security aspect, our compartment safes, key safes, key repositories and key deposit boxes make an important contribution to key organisation. But, due to the steel walls, our models naturally exceed the requirements of conventional key boxes and key cabinets. Nevertheless, they are suitable for both professional needs and private use to create an efficient storage system that is accessible to all authorised individuals by centralising storage of all the important keys. How much time have you spent in your life trying to find the right key? Especially in everyday working life – where passing on important keys is part and parcel of day-to-day business – you often simply have to accept the fact that time is lost unnecessarily. In very urgent situations, this is also often a huge source of avoidable stress. If you use our key storage systems, the tedious process of searching for the right key then becomes a thing of the past. Consequently, the keys are only provided where they are actually needed. This is the best possible way of preventing potential loss and minimising the risk of unauthorised intrusion, since only one key is ever in circulation. And, if the key does get lost, the clear organisation means that the loss is noticed immediately and can be acted upon without delay. So masunt offers you the secure alternative for key storage, organisation and handover.

Why do you need a key safe?

mastun-Schlusseldepot-mit-Zahlenschloss-520-M-CodeAnyone who needs to make keys accessible to several people or who is concerned that employees or guests will lose keys would be best advised to avoid classic hiding places (such as under the doormat or the stone at the side of the path). This would make matters far too easy for burglars – and they wouldn’t even have to use force. They would gain access to the building in seconds and manage to steal important documents or objects without attracting attention. But where is the best place to store important keys so that you can access them at all times while also preventing loss? Key safes – which are also known as key repositories – are ideal for this purpose. Key safes are small, lockable key boxes for outdoor or indoor use and are used for secure key storage. They are ideal for safely exchanging keys and other small items and can only be opened by correctly entering a code. Key safes offer perfect organisation and comprehensive protection for all your keys! Depending on the number of keys, they come in different sizes and designs. No matter whether you’re looking for a storage system for just one key or are responsible for 100 keys – the masunt key safe is the ideal solution for handing over keys to guests, tenants or employees. That’s how you effectively prevent key loss.