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Key safe plus, key safe and key deposit box for key handover

With its brand masunt, Resatur GmbH offers you a range of stainless steel key storage and handover solutions in the form of the high-quality key safe plus, key safe and key deposit box products.

Key safe with online code allocation

The masunt key safe is used for simple and secure key handover to staff or guests. The key handover safe is excellently suited to businesses wishing to hand over keys outside of regular business hours. The masunt key safe is a practical key handover solution for hotels, holiday homes and guesthouses. If, for example, you own a holiday home and are unable to greet your guests at the property upon their arrival and don’t want to hire someone to do so, the key safe is your ideal key handover solution. The safe is mounted outside the property and can be opened with a numerical code. What makes this product particularly special is the fact that the code can be generated remotely over the Internet. You can therefore simply send the code for the key safe to your guests by email or text message. The safe can be used for a very wide variety of applications. You could also store a key for contractors or cleaning staff as well as for your guests, for example. The masunt key safe is set apart by the fact that it doesn’t require an Internet connection or electricity supply. For larger properties, or if you need to hand over several keys in one day, there is also the four-box key safe. Both versions are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as they are made of high-quality stainless steel. The V4A stainless steel version is available for use in coastal regions.

The robust key safe plus from masunt

The masunt key safe plus provides security for even the most discerning customers. The sturdy and durable masunt key safe plus helps you to store your keys in a secure and organized manner and to hand them over to other people. The stainless steel walls, which are 3 mm thick, and the three-point lock make the key safe plus very robust. The extremely wide range of potential uses revolve around handing keys over to staff and service providers, to name but one example. What if you wanted employees to be able to access a company vehicle outside of office hours, for example? The masunt key safe plus is the perfect solution. Of course, the key safe plus is also ideal for private key storage and handover. A code for the key safe plus can be allocated either manually or online. The masunt key safe plus is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is highly weatherproof since it is made of high-quality V2A or V4A stainless steel. In coastal regions, you should opt for the V4A stainless steel version because of the higher salt content in the air. This will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of your masunt key safe plus for many years to come. You can use the key safe plus to store and hand over keys with complete peace of mind. The key safe plus can be used for a very wide variety of applications. For example, you can also use it to store smaller valuables or documents.

Key deposit box for storing property keys

The key deposit box is used to securely store and hand over keys to the fire brigade in commercial and private applications. With a fire brigade key deposit box, the fire brigade can quickly access the home or property without any need to use force if a fire has broken out. With the fire brigade key deposit box, emergency services can remove the key and access the building without delay. The masunt M3 key deposit box can be put to ideal use as a fire brigade key deposit box when using a fire brigade profile half cylinder. The M3 key deposit box incl. profile cylinder and the key deposit box with combination lock are also available. The masunt key deposit box can be used for a very wide variety of applications. Of course, its potential applications aren’t just limited to use as a fire brigade key deposit box. The masunt key deposit box can be used for a range of key storage and handover applications for homes and properties.

Fire brigade key deposit box

A fire brigade key deposit box helps the fire brigade put out fires quickly! With a fire brigade key deposit box, you’re giving the fire brigade the guarantee that they can quickly access the property without any need to use force. The masunt fire brigade key deposit box is made of high-quality V2A or V4A stainless steel. You need a fire brigade profile half cylinder for this. Buy a fire brigade key deposit box today to protect your home in the event of a fire. Of course, you can use the key deposit box for other purposes too.

DIN EN 1143-1-compliant gun safe

Would you like to store firearms and ammo securely at home in a gun safe? In our online safe shop, you’ll also find DIN EN 1143-1-compliant gun safes with resistance grade N (0). According to Section 36 of the current German Federal Weapons Act (Waffengesetz), weapons and ammo must be stored separately, unless they are being stored in a security container that is at least DIN EN 1143-1-compliant and has resistance grade N (0). The continued use of older gun safes is therefore permitted. However, if you buy a new gun cabinet or gun safe, it must comply with DIN EN 1143-1.

Medicine cabinet with electronic lock

Another innovative product is the medicine cabinet with an electronic code lock. You can use the lockable medicine cabinet to store medication securely and conveniently. The cabinet has a high-quality stainless steel front and a red painted finish. The partition walls in the medicine cabinet can be adjusted to store medication in a customised way. You can decide whether to make the medicine cabinet freely accessible or lockable with a code. The lockable medicine cabinet cuts an impressive figure with its individual design and high degree of functionality. masunt products, such as the key safe plus, key safe, key deposit box and medicine cabinet, offer you superior quality and provide an ideal way of handing over keys or storing important items.

Electronic door lock

The electronic door locks CL 4500 and CL 5500 are new additions to our range of products. The electronic door lock is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Doors can be opened using a code or a card, and you can even activate any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone for door opening operations. Use the app for a contactless and convenient way of opening doors.

The masunt key vault for intelligent key management

Effective and secure key management is often essential, particularly in the commercial sector where a larger number of keys have to be made accessible to different people or groups of people.  Many businesses and companies therefore use key vault storage systems to store keys and hand them over to their employees. The use of key vaults is also very popular among property managers and in the hotel industry because this allows keys to be handed over at any time – even outside of opening hours. However, there are many other areas of application where it would simply be impossible to protect keys from unauthorized access without a secure key storage solution. Above all, a key vault is an option that does not require time-consuming and costly staff involvement. In the private sector as well, there are countless potential uses requiring intelligent key storage and management. Key vaults are therefore particularly suitable for handing over keys to carers, tradesmen, the fire brigade and neighbors, or even simply as a secure place to store a second key.

Our key vaults are also ideally suited to use outdoors.  Thanks to their 3mm stainless steel walls, they are robust, durable and protected against adverse weather conditions.  The stainless steel produces a solid yet elegant-looking finish. Our key vaults are available in two versions: the key vault 2120 E Code and the key vault 2140 E Code. Due to the use of V4A stainless steel, the latter product is particularly suited to use in areas where there is a high salt content in the air, or where increased protection against corrosion is required (e.g. for swimming pools and in the chemicals industry). Because their electronics are also protected, the vaults can be used in regions with extreme weather conditions where temperatures range from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the four-digit code allocated directly on the unit, it is possible to create seven-digit online codes for our key vaults which are valid for a limited period of time. The codes can thus be conveniently allocated to third parties.

What benefits does the masunt key safe offer?

Overview of the masunt key safe: Are you the owner or manager of a hotel?  Do you own one or more holiday homes, or run a car hire company?  If so, you will surely be familiar with the issue of finding a customized, secure and ideal solution to key management.  In most cases, handing over keys goes hand-in-hand with costly staff involvement, particularly outside of opening hours.  This can be avoided easily by using key safes for secure and simple storage and key handover. By allocating a four or seven-digit code, which can also be generated online, guests and your own staff can be granted access to the keys they need using the key safe. This method is ideal for property rentals as the key safe codes can be generated in such a way that they are valid for only a limited period of time. Once keys have been returned, the key safe is then used for key storage, which assists with proper key organisation. Our key safe models in the 1400 E-Code series are particularly well suited to accommodation with multiple rooms or areas with several apartments, because they have enough space to store up to 12 different keys in four separately controllable compartments. The 1100 E-Code series, meanwhile, offers storage for up to three keys at a time.

Naturally, our keys safes are suitable for use outdoors too. The safes in the 1100 and 1400 series are available in two versions: one with V2A stainless steel and the other with V4A stainless steel.  The key safe of V4A stainless steel is the perfect key handover and storage solution, especially where there is a high salt content in the air and where increased corrosion protection is required. Because their electronics are protected, the safes can even be used in regions with extreme weather conditions. Our key safes have therefore proven their worth worldwide, offering all-round security and convenience when it comes to key handover and storage.

masunt surface-mounted vault: the cost-effective key deposit box

The masunt surface-mounted vault was recently added to the range. We offer surface-mounted vaults of different designs: these are small key deposit boxes for key storage and handover. In addition to our standard surface-mounted vault, we have the 223 XL surface-mounted vault and the 222 Credit Card surface-mounted vault. Our surface-mounted vaults provide an inexpensive introduction to key safes and key deposit boxes.

The masunt key safe: the perfect key handover solution

With an extensive range covering everything from key safes, key vaults and deposit boxes to surface-mounted vaults and special safes for customized deployment, masunt – the specialist in key storage and handover – delivers the perfect security solutions to your key management needs, whatever they may be. Given that almost every key safe and key vault is also available in V4A steel, the safes can be deployed outdoors without compromising on performance – particularly in locations where they will be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Whether a code is allocated directly on the key safe itself as usual, or via innovative online code allocation, the range is wide enough to meet the individual usage needs of customers. Our extensive selection of key safes has the right product for private and commercial applications, according to the number of keys to be stored and the intended purpose.

Intelligent key organization and prevention of key loss

 In addition to their security properties, our key safes, vaults and deposit boxes make a major contribution to key organization. With their steel walls, our models comfortably exceed the requirements of conventional key boxes and cases. In both professional and private circles, the centralized storage concept delivers an efficient storage system for all important keys that is accessible to all authorised persons. How much time in your life have you already spent looking for the right key? In everyday working situations that involve handing over important keys, wasted time is something we often have to accept. In very urgent cases, this can also mean a great deal of avoidable stress. Our key storage systems make inconvenient searching a thing of the past. Logically, keys are only made available where and when they are actually needed. Since only one key is ever in circulation, this effectively eliminates the potential for loss and minimizes the risk of unauthorised intrusion – and if a key does happen to get lost, that loss is immediately recorded thanks to centralized organisation and a fast response is initiated. In this way, masunt offers a secure alternative to key storage, organisation and handover.