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Payment / Dispatch

Delivery rates and policy

Terms of shipping

We deliver to following countries:

Zone 1: Germany

Zone 2: Rest of EU (excluding territories that do not belong to EU VAT standards)

Zone 3: Rest of the world (We reserve the right to refuse shipment to certain countries: Please contact us should you have any questions in relation to your destination country.)

Worldwide free shipping!

Period of delivery

Unless otherwise stated, in the European Union goods are delivered within 7-10 days after confirmation of order.

Please notice that no deliveries are made on Sundays and public holidays.

If you ordered more than one item we will try to arrange one delivery for all items. The date of delivery is then determined by the item with the longest delivery period.

Terms of payment

The following payment options are available:

-  Advance payment by bank transfer

-  PayPal

-  PayPal Express

-  Credit card (VISA and Mastercard)

 Payment Details

 We reserve the right to ask for advance payments for individual cases.


The settlement of the website via credit card takes place:

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Please contact us if you need more information. You can find our contact details in the imprint.