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Airbnb: key handover solutions for apartment landlords and owners

Renting out your apartment to paying guests is one way to recoup some of the costs of a property. Many landlords and apartment tenants are now using Airbnb to find guests who wish to spend their holiday in a private apartment while the usual tenant is away. Sites like Airbnb and Wimdu bring the two parties – those searching for and those offering accommodation – together.

However, how can the keys be handed over to guests if the landlord has already left? The masunt key safe and the masunt key repository are solutions to this problem. The two models in the E Code series are ideal for depositing keys so that they are securely and conveniently handed over to the paying guest.

How does key handover work with masunt safes

The landlord puts the key to their apartment in the masunt key safe and locks it. A code that is valid for the day of the guest’s arrival is generated, allowing the guest to remove the key only during the landlord’s chosen time window. On the day they arrive, the guest takes the key from the masunt product and accesses the apartment.

The landlord can remotely generate codes that are valid during specified timeframes whenever suits them. So the masunt masunt key safe is a convenient solution for landlords wishing to hand over keys to guests or service providers, thereby ensuring smooth check-in and check-out, every single time.

This code allocation videoshows how the masunt innovative key handover system works:

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