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New additions to the range: Compartment safes with control management using proprietary masunt software

The 3122 Online and 4062 Online compartment safes are new additions to the range. Both safes enable easy access and management using the new masunt software connect.masunt.com and have an API intmake connecting to your company software a cinch.

Sturdy electronic key cabinets for a large number of keys

  • Both safes can be extended to include any number of compartments, making them ideal for hotels or car rental companies offering a 24-hour service.
  • Chunky hotel keys can easily be stored securely in the compartments, which can be controlled separately.
  • The robust and solid stainless steel body also has compartments protected from dust and rain. So it can be used outdoors without hesitation.
  • The compartments can be opened either by entering a numerical code or with a linked RFID medium. Additionally, all opening interactions can be logged to ensure the likes of secure and documented key handovers outside of operating hours.
  • Control and management is enabled using the iOS app, the PWA or the web portal.
  • • A connection is established with the power network (230 V) and over LAN (internet). In case of failure, all the compartments for the electronics compartment can be opened in an emergency.



masunt compartment safes – a comparison

Compared to the 3122 Online, the 4062 Online offers significantly increased security features and, with walls measuring 3 mm thick, is a particularly solid locker safe. So the 4062 Online compartment safe is particularly suitable for unattended premises.

Both compartment safes are available to buy in V2A stainless steel and V4A stainless steel (extra-corrosion-resistant).

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