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Wild herbs workshop at Hotel & Landgasthof Okelmanns, a masunt customer

Hotel & Landgasthof Okelmanns joined forces with Margret von Deetzen (a herbal expert) to hold a workshop about wild herbs. This provided an exciting opportunity to learn about the many edible herbs that grow in Germany. Herbalist Ms von Deetzen explained that many local herbs have healing effects, and they can be either eaten raw or drunk as a tea, for example.

When Julia Ladiges (partner of masunt Managing Director Markus Schacht) read in Happinez magazine that a wild herbs workshop was being held at Hotel & Landgasthof Okelmanns in Warpe, they couldn’t resist visiting the hotel. The Okelmann family and Mr Schacht were already business acquaintances, because the hotel uses the masunt 2120 E Code key safe. Regular guests use the service to retrieve their room keys from the electronic safe even after the reception has closed for a completely convenient check-in experience.

The herbs workshop gave the Okelmann family of hoteliers and the masunt owner the opportunity to get to know one another in person and have a terrific time together. Even after the workshop had ended, Mr Schacht’s and his partner’s relaxing experience continued with a sauna in the shepherd’s caravan, regional cuisine served for dinner in the evening and an exceptional gourmet breakfast with homemade delicacies the following morning. All in all, Markus Schacht and Julia Ladiges found the weekend at the Okelmanns’ hotel both informative and restful. They both have fond memories of the time they spent there.


Additional dates for wild herb workshops can be requested directly from herb enthusiast Ms von Deetzen: www.pfeffer-und-minze.de

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