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masunt RFID key safes and compartment safes: Contactless accessibility with a variety of RFID systems

masunt RFID products: Access management with common RFID systems

Do you have an existing RFID system that you’d like to use for accessing our safes? That’s not a problem, because our RFID products support both various proximity cards and vicinity cards.

What do we mean by ‘proximity cards’?

‘Proximity cards’ are smart cards that can be held contactlessly against a reader to make payments or gain access, for example. The contactless key cards fall under the ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693 or ISO/IEC 18000 standards.

The cards are often found in retail outlets as access media, travel tickets, passes or identification.

What do we mean by ‘vicinity cards’?

‘Vicinity’ is a word meaning ‘closeness’ or ‘nearby’. These smart cards only have a range of up to one metre, which is why they are known as ‘vicinity cards’. Vicinity cards are key cards according to ISO 15693. The short range means proximity cards are predominantly in circulation. masunt offers products that are suitable for both systems.

The masunt 1121, 1141, 2121, 2141, 2126 and 2146 key safes are compatible with all MIFARE Classic™ (1K) media.  If you have other chip cards, then our compartment safes are the ideal solution.

masunt online compartment safes can be used with all common RFID systems

Our 3062, 3122 and 4062 Online compartment safes can be used with various proximity cards and vicinity cards.


The following cards are compatible with the (Online) compartment safes:

  • MIFARE Ultralight 
  • MIFARE Plus
  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Desfire
  • Identity cards
  • e-passport (passports)
  • iClass
  • Skidata

All compartment safes are available in V2A stainless steel and V4A stainless steel (extra-corrosion-resistant).

Go to the 3062 Online compartment safe

Go to the 3122 Online compartment safe

Go to the 4062 Online compartment safe

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