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masunt: over 1,000 safes sold in Germany, and now popular internationally too

The masunt brand is now also becoming increasingly popular internationally. In Germany, masunt has already sold more than 1,000 units of its innovative key safes with online code allocation. Sales are also picking up outside of the German-speaking region.

Since masunt expanded its online shop to include the languages English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, it has become apparent that demand for key handover solutions aimed at guests or service providers is high in Germany’s neighbouring countries.

masunt electronic key handover safes are used wherever holidaymakers, tradespeople or employees need to retrieve keys to access holiday rooms or company premises.

The outdoor safes in the E Code series with electronic code allocation in particular are very popular in international holiday regions. These key safes can be used to hand over keys or key cards specifically at holidaymakers’ time of arrival.


The masunt key safes are popular worldwide for handing over keys to guests
staying in holiday apartments or holiday homes or to service providers.

The codes for the masunt products can be used in such a way that guests or service providers can only access the keys during the desired time period, thus ensuring smooth arrival and departure – especially in the case of late arrivals, or service providers needing to enter the property over the weekend.

While the majority of masunt products are still used in Germany – from the coast to the mountains – they are now increasingly being used in Western Europe, the USA and even Australia too.

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