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masunt supports Heidelberg's SGK Rolling Chocolate raw chair basketball players

The raw chair basketball players of the SGK Rolling Chocolate from Heidelberg have recently been pleased to be able to store and hand over their club tablet in a practical and uncomplicated way thanks to the donation of the masunt key safe 2125 by Resatur GmbH.

With the 2023/24 season, the digital sign-in sheet is mandatory for basketball league games - and that for both pedestrian and wheelchair basketball. In order for many people across departments to have access to the tablet used to manage this, a viable solution had to be found. After the club contacted masunt, we decided to support them once again with a donation. The key safe now ensures that the tablet remains in the hall at all times and is available for every league match.

The club has already been in possession of a masunt key safe since July, which we were also happy to donate. This will be used to hand over the sports hall key.

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