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A new masunt key safe with extra-robust housing for rentals and commercial key handover

Resatur GmbH has launched a new key handover product under its masunt brand: the masunt 2120 E Code key safe.

The new masunt key safe has a recessed lock unit and a particularly robust housing with three-point lock, and is made of high-grade stainless steel measuring 3 mm thick. This makes the safe suitable for handing over both vehicle keys and keys for holiday accommodation.

Especially for rentals and using cars and commercial properties, it is crucial that the electronic key safe is secure and reliable. The masunt key safe can be used to reliably hand over car keys and keys for commercial properties, even outside of opening hours.

The 2120 E Code key safe has three code types. There is the manual eight-digit master code and the four-digit user code, which also has to be programmed manually. The innovative online codes can also be used for remote code allocation.

These online codes are seven digits long and work during the time periods set by the landlord. Each code has an individual start time and remains valid for periods of time ranging from 1 hour to 21 days.

Stainless steel key safe with online code generation



For example, a code for the key safe that – if desired – is only valid on 31 December 2017 (i.e. New Year’s Eve) can be generated beforehand in November. Another code can also be generated in advance for the masunt 2120 E Code – this time to be valid in the week running from Christmas to January 2018, for example.

So the masunt solution with a combination of innovative code allocation and high-quality housing is designed to meet a wide range of key handover requirements. The safe is designed for outdoor use at commercial buildings and rental properties.

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