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Resatur GmbH is growing with housing production for industrial customers and taking on more staff

Resatur GmbH has developed brand-new safes to customer order, is growing and is taking on new staff. Through the activities of the masunt brand, Resatur GmbH has acquired additional industrial customers and is manufacturing custom metal housing solutions for these commercial customers. An expanding customer base should naturally also go hand-in-hand with a growing team.

With this in mind, Resatur GmbH is welcoming new employee Cynthia Bingana to the team and is looking forward to working with her.

Ms Bingana is responsible for online and social media marketing, among other things, and also provides the team with CRM support.

masunt Mitarbeitereinführung Cynthia Bingana durch Markus Schacht und Stephan Untiedt.
Markus Schacht and Stephan Untiedt introduce Cynthia Bingana, masunt’s new employee,
to the company. Welcome, Cynthia Bingana!

The XL 620 service safe as an example of housing production to customer order.

In addition to the www.masunt.com online shop that Resatur GmbH sells key safes primarily to end customers through, the Hamburg-based company also offers customised solutions for industrial customers.

With its engineering and production capacities, Resatur GmbH can design an extremely wide variety of housings, process sheet metal and stainless steel measuring up to 5 mm thick and supply the customer with finished products including mechanical and electronic component assembly. The company’s core skills lie in stainless steel processing.

The high quality of the stainless steel products is wowing a growing number of B2B customers. This is also leading to increasing growth in the fifth financial year, so even more vacancies have been advertised:

Job advert for a Business Development Manager (m/f)

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