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For landlords: remote key handover

Many owners of holiday homes, guesthouses and holiday apartments struggle with the same problem, especially when the peak holiday season is just around the corner. Key handover can be stressful, especially if you manage your holiday accommodation remotely.

While guests often arrive late due to traffic jams and delayed flights, sometimes they simply cannot make plans to arrive any earlier. So, what should you do? There are naturally various options open to you in a situation like this. You could post the key to the guest beforehand, or wait for the guest at the holiday accommodation yourself and hand over the key in person. Another option would be to ask someone you trust who stays locally or a service provider to hand over the key. But do you really want to pay a service provider to do that, or possibly send your local contact out to hand over the key at night? Of course not!

A convenient alternative – using a key safe to hand keys over to holidaymakers

Using a masunt key safe (also known as a key repository) is a practical and simple solution to the problem of securely handing over keys for holiday accommodation and guesthouses. The landlord no longer needs to be present in person during key handover and, at the same time, tenants can still access the holiday accommodation or guesthouse at any time.

The required access code can be easily generated online and forwarded to holidaymakers by email, text message or telephone. One particularly practical feature (the option of setting a time limit on the access codes) is excellent in this situation. It ensures that holidaymakers only have access to the holiday accommodation during their booked period.

Another advantage: easy access for service providers

With the help of a key safe and a time-limited access code, cleaning staff and other service providers can also easily be granted limited-time access to the holiday accommodation.

100% reliable

The masunt key safe does not require a power supply or an internet connection, making it a secure and, at the same time, convenient key handover alternative. So a potential blackout has no impact on the key safe.

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