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Use quiet periods to make renovations and conversions: incorporate contactless key handover

At present, many companies are being forced to offer short-time working hours, leading to a drop in turnover and a rise in uncertainty. However, at the same time, quiet periods like these also allow you to deal with those investments you’ve been putting off or thinking about – including conversions to integrate contactless key handover.

By renovating their businesses and modernising with a view to staff-independent key handover, companies will be in a fantastic position to meet the needs of the post-crisis world. For example, the masunt 1420 E Code key safe enables remote code allocation and time-limited codes for employees, guests and service providers – an exceptionally innovative feature.

The hospitality sector isn’t the only sector that makes good use of key safes. The masunt E Code safes are also popular with garages, car dealerships and SMEs for key and/or document handover. The masunt key safes help to make handover a contactless and thus secure process – without any undesirable human contact.

The masunt 1420 E Code’s functions are quite simple, yet very practical:


Each of the four compartments can be operated independently of the other compartments in the key safe. All you have to do is use the web portal or your smartphone to generate an access code from absolutely anywhere, then forward it to the person in question. The access code can be sent over the phone, by text message or by email. The authorised individual can then use the specified code to open the key safe’s compartment during the set time window and retrieve the key or document.

Since this makes processes easier, all companies will be familiar with the masunt key handover safe once everyone returns to work following this extraordinary crisis.

What are you waiting for? Invest in contactless and staff-independent key handover and save time, costs and energy now.

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