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What is a good way of cleaning stainless steel?

Cleaning and caring for stainless steel

Does stainless steel rust?

masunt products are made of high-quality stainless steel. All electronic and mechanical key safes are available in a V2A (AISI 304) – and in a V4A (AISI 316) – stainless steel version. Both are high quality steels that guarantee a durable and robust product. The high nickel content in both types of stainless steel causes an oxide layer to form on the surface of the stainless steel. This oxide layer ensures that our products are particularly corrosion-resistant.

However, if this oxide layer is destroyed, it is possible for rust to form on the surface of the stainless steel. Dirt on the surface encourages a layer of rust to form underneath. Regular cleaning, especially when used outdoors, is therefore strongly recommended.

What can you do about flash rust or rust spots on stainless steel?

However, effectively cleaning stainless steel is often hugely challenging. Commercially available household cleaners or care products usually don’t give you the result you’re after. Often, use even leads to the opposite effect. Cleaning and care products containing chlorine, solid abrasives, acids or alkalis destroy the stainless steel’s oxide layer. That’s why we expressly recommend that you only use special stainless steel cleaning agents for stainless steel.

This is precisely why we’ve also developed and produced a stainless steel cleaning set especially for our stainless steel products.

What is a good way cleaning stainless steel?

Removing annoying flash rust and even stubborn rust spots on stainless steel surfaces is an absolute breeze with the masunt stainless steel cleaning and care set.

stainless steel cleaning set_600x600

The high-quality set includes:

  • Care oil (prevents the impurities from sticking to the stainless steel and keeps the stainless steel shiny)
  • Cleaning and polishing paste (for removing impurities)
  • Microfibre polishing cloth
  • Special sponge


Ensure your masunt product retains its high-quality appearance in the long term with the stainless steel cleaning and care set.

The masunt stainless steel cleaning and care set’s areas of use

Especially for coastal regions where humidity and the salt content in the air are higher, we advise using the extra-corrosion-resistant AISI 316 stainless steel variant..

To maintain the shine and high-quality appearance of safes that are installed outdoors and exposed to the elements, even in the long term, we recommend treating the stainless steel surfaces once or twice a year with stainless steel care products.

Cleaning our new compartment safes is also extremely easy with the stainless steel cleaning and care set. Hotel operators who own masunt products in particular are advised to use our cleaning set to maintain the high-quality appearance of products such as the masunt 3062 Compartment safe online.

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