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masunt key safe with code and four compartments

The masunt 1420 E Code key safe is an ideal solution for handing over keys for hotels, guesthouses and holiday accommodation.

The four-compartment key safe is made of high-grade AISI 304 stainless steel and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The key safe is also available in AISI 316 stainless steel as an option. This grade of stainless steel is particularly suitable for coastal regions and areas exposed to sea air. The key safe allows you to save a great deal of time, because you can hand over keys to your guests day and night, even outside of opening hours. So late arrivals at hotels and guesthouses can retrieve their key even when the reception is not staffed. The masunt 1420 E Code key safe allows you to optimise your processes, save costs and increase your turnover.

masunt 1420 E Code key safe

The masunt 1420 E Code key safe contains four separately controllable compartments where you can deposit keys or key cards for your guests. To open the unit, all you need to do is use either the classic four-digit code directly on the key safe or a seven-digit online code that is valid for a limited period of time only. You can find further details on operating the key safe in our FAQs.

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