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Outdoor key safes for smart key storage

The robust masunt key safes are an ideal, secure and smart way of storing keys and key cards outdoors.

Key safes in V2A and V4A stainless steel

Our key safes are suitable for outdoor use, are made of high-grade stainless steel and are available in V2A or V4A stainless steel. The V4A stainless steel (AISI 316) is similar to the V2A (AISI 304) stainless steel, but approximately 2% molybdenum is added to the V4A steel. This makes the masunt key safes in the 2140 E series of models especially recommended for use in coastal regions to prevent corrosion caused by salty sea air.

The masunt key safes offer many possible applications

Key safes can be used for a very wide variety of potential applications. For example, the key safes are ideal for storing and handing over keys for holiday homes, holiday apartments and hotels to tradespeople, maintenance service providers, car dealerships, cleaners, janitors, vehicle fleets and for many other purposes. The masunt key safes are also perfectly suitable for depositing spare house or flat keys. Our key safes are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


Customer testimonial Sven Walter Logistik e.K.: In this situation, the 2120 E Code key safe is used to hand over lorry keys to drivers.

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