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Electronic door lock CL4500

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  The Electronic door lock CL4500 at a glance: Easy to retrofit Suitable for... more
Product information "Electronic door lock CL4500"


The Electronic door lock CL4500 at a glance:

  • Easy to retrofit
  • Suitable for high-frequency use
  • Multiple access options
  • Can be operated using a smartphone
  • Controlled access with NetCodes
  • Control by means of access logging

The CL4500 from Codelocks offers all the features of the larger CL5500 series – in a smaller, slimmer package.

The CL4500 series combines ‘smart’ technology with traditional keypad and card access. The lock is designed for a broad group of users – from facility managers to holiday home owners.

Using Codelocks’s NetCode technology, you can grant guests / users limited temporary access at any time. This translates into greater convenience and flexibility for your business – without compromising on security.

Easy to use

Control locks directly from the keypad or from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Simply download the K3 Connect app. Program locks using your smartphone, generate and send access codes, activate smart cards as an alternative access option – and, thanks to access logging, you always have complete control over access after the fact.

Code – Card – Smartphone

The CL4500 series offers flexibility and convenience by providing a variety of access options. Choose the method that suits your use case. Grant customers access using a simple access code, unlock MIFARE-compatible cards or send invitations to a smartphone.


Generate and send codes with specific validity periods using the K3 Connect app or from the NetCode portal. Generate codes with a specific start time and date. These codes automatically expire once the selected validity period has elapsed. There are extra functions too, such as blocking a NetCode.

Code-free period

You can define ‘code free periods’ at certain times of the day that allow users free access. This reduces the administrative burden.

Access logging

You can see who opened which lock and when. The access log can be downloaded too.

Extra functions

Remote release: Opening through an intercom / by reception can be connected using REM1. REM2 can be connected to the building alarm system, for example. If an alarm is triggered, a door can be opened for a period of 30 minutes.

Sensor mode: Two floating contact switches / sensors can be connected (door status and latch status check). Openings are recorded in the access log.

Sensor + alarm: A hybrid mode combines support for a floating contact button or sensor (as in sensor mode) and an output. Any compatible device (e.g. CCTV) can be connected by means of the output. An input is used to detect a falling (changing) voltage.

Unlocking + shut-off: Two floating contact switches can be connected. A connection with REM1 ensures that the switch unlocks the lock for the duration of a certain period of time. A connection with REM2 ensures that the switch locks the lock, whereby opening can only be performed using a master code and sub-master code.


Quickly and easily upgrade existing doors by replacing the existing door handle sets with the electronic CL locks. Doors with a door leaf measuring 35 – 60 mm thick can be retrofitted. A suitable mortise bolt (8 mm bolt), which has a self-locking mechanism and an anti-panic function, can be ordered as an option at this link:

Usage: door lock
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Properties and technical data

Battery status:

App-based indicator


4 X AA batteries

Low battery status:

The keypad lights up red during opening to indicate that the batteries need to be replaced

User codes:


User smart cards


Mobile phone users:



8mm spring-loaded spindle


Zinc alloy

Door thickness:


DIN direction:

Lock suitable for both DIN right and left 




12 backlit buttons


Brushed stainless steel


Optional; several locks can be supplied keyed alike

Suitable for:

Indoor and outdoor use

Emergency opening w. key:



Four-digit user code / seven-digit NetCode / eight-digit master code

Code-free periods

Up to ten code-free periods can be set

Smartphone app:

K3 Connect App

Programming using PC:

NetCodes only


Seven-digit NetCode

Access logging:


Supported cards:

MIFARE™ Classic, MIFARE™ Desfire, MIFARE™ Ultralite

Extra functions:

Two connectors (REM ports); four operating modes, remote control, sensor mode, sensor + alarm and opening + shutdown

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