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  • KS1120E
Easy key hand-over with 4-digit code or innovative remote code assignment Special... more
Product information "Key safe 1120 E Code"

Easy key hand-over with 4-digit code or innovative remote code assignment

Special features:

  • Control via 4-digit user code and 8-digit master code
  • Additionally: Remote code assignment – without wireless, WLAN or GSM connection
  • No electricity connection required, battery-operated
  • 2-point lock for secure storage
  • Outdoor ready – for key hand-overs to guests, employees or service providers


A special process is used for storing and accessing deposited valuable objects and keys. This enables the remote generation of codes and assignment to recipients – without electricity supply or internet connection.

Code generation and hand-over
Each compartment can be operated manually with a 4-digit user code.
An 8-digit master code is available too. This is used by the owner/manager and serves to open and programme the safe.
Code generation can also be done by an online platform. This offers secure, easy to understand and quick operation. The 6-digit codes generated this way have a temporary validity (from 1 hour up to 365 days) and can be conveniently transmitted to the respective users. This service ( is provided by our cooperation partner, Codelocks Ltd.

Finishing and aesthetic
The key safe is solidly constructed with high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel. If using in regions close to seawater opt for the AISI 316 stainless steel version.
Not only does this special steel help achieve a durable product, it guarantees high-end design – impress your customers with brushed stainless steel!

Versions and outdoor use
The key safe is offered in a single-compartment and 4-compartment version. The 4-compartment version is best suited to hotels or companies that require to hand over several keys to several people at short notice. Both versions offer both indoor and outdoor use since both are manufactured from the same high-quality stainless steel and the electronics are designed for use outdoors.

usage: Key deposit, key handover
material: AISI 304
Pension Obkircher uses the masunt key safe with capacity for four keys. In the beautiful region of South Tyrol, the guesthouse accommodates several guests at the same time. Mr Obkircher is delighted by the fact that he can simply and securely hand over keys to his guests. (Quote: “We are extremely satisfied with the device. We’ve put all the functions through their paces, and everything is working without a hitch.”).
Mr Barth owns a holiday home on the banks of the Sorpe Dam, which is located in the Sauerland tourist region. But he actually lives several hundred kilometres away. Mr Barth is delighted that he can conveniently hand over his property to both guests and service staff with the help of the masunt key safe. Mr Barth has even created his very own video. Why not sneak a peek?
Ms Kühnen has been using the key safe for more than a year now. She is particularly thrilled by the fact that she can conveniently hand keys over to any late arrivals without having to stay on late at the property.
Mr Duschletta from the “Ornithologischer Verein der Stadt Zug” (“City of Zug’s Ornithological Association”) manages aviaries. Various members of staff tasked with maintaining the aviaries wanted to have access to the keys at different times. Mr Duschletta therefore organises convenient key handover processes with the key handover solution from masunt.
We have yet another satisfied customer in Mr Kosmann from Medizinpark Valley, who has even gone so far as to mount our key safe on his wall.
Pension Pamina, a guesthouse in Germany’s capital, Berlin, is deploying our key handover solution too. Ms Dalg wrote: “I’m really impressed by the key box. I run a guesthouse. This key box is a huge asset, especially for those guests who arrive late. My guests have also been praising me for this particular great service I offer. I’d rate your customer service with five stars.”

179 (H) / 138 (B) / 89 (T) mm; weight: 1,8 kg
inside measurements for each compartment: 103 (H) x 130 (B)  x 54 (T) mm upstairs – 67 (H) x 118 (B) x 54 (T) mm downstairs


FAQ about the Key safe with online code function

How does the online code function work?
The online code function is based on a special algorithm. The Key safe needs to be registered on a web portal before its first time use. In order to have the Key safe controlled by online code it needs to be registered online on There date and local time are set up. A code generation is then performed simultaneously in the lock unit and the web portal. Due to this innovative and highly secure technology no connection to the internet is required. The Key safe can be set up anywhere in the world and can be controlled remotely via the web.

How is the PIN code delivered that was generated on the web platform?
The PIN code will be sent to an email address or via SMS to a phone of your choice.

Can I use the Key safe outside?
Yes! Due to the IP 55 classification of the lock (dust and water-jet proof) you can use the Key Safe outside as well.

Is it necessary to have the Key safe wired?
No. AAA-batteries are being used, so no wiring is necessary.

Is it possible to use the Key safe in areas with extreme temperatures?
Yes! Thanks to new lithium batteries (e.g. ENERGIZER Ultimate Lithium LR92 AAA) the Key safe can be used with temperatures between-40 and +60 degrees celsius.

How long do the batteries last?
When using standard batteries you only need to change them every 15.000 closing cycles (depending on the surroundings and weather).
What happens if the battery is completely flat?
The lock is designed such that, if the batteries are flat, a 9V block-type battery can be positioned against the contact poles around the red and blue LEDs, so that the lock can be supplied with power externally, the lock can be opened and the batteries can be replaced.

How many keys can be stored in a Key safe compartment?
Each individual compartment features three hooks for hanging up keys. There is also a storage compartment in the bottom third of the safe.